Aboriginal artworks on display are from emerging and urban artists to the most highly respected established Aboriginal artists

They include artworks ranging from ‘entry level / affordable’ works to high-end ‘investment / collector’ pieces.

The main focus is on Aboriginal art from  Central and Western desert, but there are also works from other Australian Aboriginal art communities;  including The Kimberley, Arnhem Land at the Top End.

Our philosophy is to purchase the high quality artworks we have for sale or corporate rental rather than to rely on ‘consignment’, which usually delays payment to the artist for extended periods until the works are on-sold. 

Artworks are sourced from:

  • Community Aboriginal Art Centres
  • Reputable private art dealers and artists’ representatives
  • Direct commission of artists
  • Auctions and private secondary market purchases (within Australia and Internationally)

Esther Giles Nampitjinpa

Esther Giles Nampitjinpa, sister of fellow artist Tjawina Porter Nampitjinpa and half sister of Nyurapayia Nampitjinpa (aka Mrs Bennett),lived in the bush with her family until her younger brother died, at which time they decided to move to the newly established settlement of Papunya.

Painting Detail | 152 x 122cm | $9,000

Eubena Yupinya Nampitjin

Eubenas work is very femine, utilising pinks, reds, oranges, and yellows with flowing lines and masterful brushwork to create an almost fluid look to her work. As a senior law-women she is respected for deep knowledge of the land.

Painting Detail | 120 x 95cm | $17,600

Evelyn Pultara

Evelyn has been painting since 1997. Her work has been constantly evolving since then, a sign of her continued growth as an artist. Whilst her painting style initially was in the traditional fashion, she is now a confident artist with big bold brush-strokes.

Painting Detail | 128 x 98cm | $3,500

Gabriella Possum Nungurrayi

Gabriella, the daughter of Clifford Possum, displays remarkable talent in her work. Bold colours and complex composition display the influence her famous father had on her beautiful work.

Painting Detail | 126 x 76cm | $6,000

George ‘Hairbrush‘ Tjungurrayi

George‘s work is bold, masculine and strong. Displaying the Tingari Cycle in vivid colours, fine linework, and complex geometrical shapes that seem to twist and turn on the canvas itself.

Painting Detail | 42 x 81cm | $3,000

George Ward Tjungurrayi

George Ward began painting in 1984. His incredible ability to depict his country was recognised in 2004 when he won the Wynne prize, the equivalent of the Archibald for landscape painting. George Ward Tjungurrayi is half brother to other famous artists, Wille Tjungurrayi and Yala Yala Gibbs Tjungurrayi.

Painting Detail | 140 x 98cm | $10,000

Gloria Petyarre

Gloria Petyarre is one of the most well known female artists of the Aboriginal community. Her distinctive style is very feminine,utilising bold colours and and incredible sense of movement, the work often seems to be moving. She is a significant figure in contemporary Indigenous Australian art from the Utopia region.

Painting Detail | 100 x 90cm | $3,400

Hilary Tjapaltjarri

Hilary Tjapaltjarri was a stockman born at Mintjilpirri, south west of Kintore in approximately 1941. He first became curious about painting when he saw the Papunya Tula Artists painting in the 1970.

Painting Detail | 41 x 80cm | $2,000

Hughie Ah Won

“My name is Hughie Ah Won, I am a Wunambul man, my skin is Djubidja. I paint the Wandjina and stories that were told to me from my elders of the Wunambul tribal. I paint these stories hoping to pass them onto the younger generation of the Kimberley region”.

Birthplace 100c x 100cm

Jeannie Pitjara

Jeannie comes from a family filled with artistic talent, she is the niece of the late Emily Kame Kngwarreye. Her work is colourful and bright, often using soft pinks, purples and oranges to create beautiful pieces.

Painting Detail | 90 x 60cm | $1,980