Aboriginal artworks on display are from emerging and urban artists to the most highly respected established Aboriginal artists

They include artworks ranging from ‘entry level / affordable’ works to high-end ‘investment / collector’ pieces.

The main focus is on Aboriginal art from  Central and Western desert, but there are also works from other Australian Aboriginal art communities;  including The Kimberley, Arnhem Land at the Top End.

Our philosophy is to purchase the high quality artworks we have for sale or corporate rental rather than to rely on ‘consignment’, which usually delays payment to the artist for extended periods until the works are on-sold. 

Artworks are sourced from:

  • Community Aboriginal Art Centres
  • Reputable private art dealers and artists’ representatives
  • Direct commission of artists
  • Auctions and private secondary market purchases (within Australia and Internationally)

Johnny Warankula Tjupurrula

Johnny, like his contemporaries Clifford Possum and Billy Stockman is one of the most influential and important artists to emerge from the Western Desert Art Movement in the early 1970‘s.

Painting Detail | 90 x 150cm | $25,000

Judy Napangardi Watson

Judy is a force in the Aboriginal art community. Her work is uncompromising in its vivacity and complexity of composition. She is one of the most respected artists to emerge from the Yuendemu community.

Painting Detail | 30 x 30cm | $1,160

June Bird Petyarre

June Bird is the daughter of Ada Bird Petyarre, and a very imprtant member of the Utopian art community. Her work is bold, bright and colourful. She began painting in 1978.

Painting Detail | 90 x 90cm | $2,100

Katherine Nakamarra

Katherine is the daughter of Walangkura Napanangka, and has taken ownership of her mother‘s dreamings. Her work is fluid, colourful and feminine.

Painting Detail | 59 x 150cm | $2,400

Kathleen Petyarre

Kathleen, best known for her "Mountain Devil Lizard" Dreaming, is one of the most well known and highly sought after artists to come from Utopia, a region well-known for artistic talent. She is the sister of Gloria Petyarre. Her works is in numerous important collections including H.M. Queen Elizabeth 11

Painting Detail | 101 x 98cm | $13,200

Kuddtji Kngwarreye

Kuddtji is the brother of Emily Kame Kngwarreye and a superb artist in his own right. His iconic style is instantly recognizable. His brushwork and use of colour is a standout amongst his contemporaries and as such he is very highly regarded.

Painting Detail | 95 x 33cm | $1,800

Lily Karedada

Lily is best known for her paintings of the Wandjina. Her use of ochre creates a bold and striking contrast, giving the imagery an almost ethereal quality. Her bush name, Mindindil, means bubbles, referring to the time when her father ‘found’ her spirit coming from the water.

Lily Kelly Napangardi

Lily Kelly‘s work is delicate and filled with movement. Depicting the land of the Mina Mina, the shifting sands and salt flats are beatifully represented in Lily‘s unique style.

Painting Detail | 196 x 128cm | $14,000

Linda Syddick Napaltjarri

Linda‘s work is characterised by arresting compositions painted in colours with heavy contrasts. She is a very well respected artist and her work is highly sought after.

Painting Detail | 123 x 123cm | $4,800

Lionel Possum Tjungurrayi

Lionel is the only son of Clifford Possum and like his two sisters (Gabriella and Michelle) has continued his father‘s work. Lionel is known for his uncompromising attention to detail.