Aboriginal artworks on display are from emerging and urban artists to the most highly respected established Aboriginal artists

They include artworks ranging from ‘entry level / affordable’ works to high-end ‘investment / collector’ pieces.

The main focus is on Aboriginal art from  Central and Western desert, but there are also works from other Australian Aboriginal art communities;  including The Kimberley, Arnhem Land at the Top End.

Our philosophy is to purchase the high quality artworks we have for sale or corporate rental rather than to rely on ‘consignment’, which usually delays payment to the artist for extended periods until the works are on-sold. 

Artworks are sourced from:

  • Community Aboriginal Art Centres
  • Reputable private art dealers and artists’ representatives
  • Direct commission of artists
  • Auctions and private secondary market purchases (within Australia and Internationally)

Lorna Fencer Napurrula

Lorna‘s work is incredibly bright, colourful and energetic. Her distinctive style celebrates the Bush Potato, Bush Cabbage, and other important flora of her country.

Painting Detail | $18,000

Lynette Corby

Lynette‘s work is reminiscent of mosaic tiling. With soft pastel colours and her creative use of mismatched shapes, she creates beautiful imagery.

Painting Detail | $550

Maisey Campbell Napaltjarri

Maisey‘s work revolves around the Minyma Inmaku, or ceremonial sites involved with women‘s ceremonial events. Her work is a record of her cultures history, laid down for future generations.

Painting Detail | 76 x 51cm | $1,760

Makinti Napanangka

Makinti was amoung the most highly esteemed of female artists up until her unfortunate passing in 2011. Her work is bold and strong, centered on the designs used in body paint for womens ceremonies.

Painting Detail | 110 x 205cm | $30,000

Michael Nelson Jagamara

Michael Nelson Jagamara began painting 20 years ago in Papunya, Central Australia, in the classic dot and circle tradition of desert sand painting. He was taught to paint by his grandfather when he was a boy. Much of his work centres on the country in the Mt Singleton area and tells of traditional Dreaming stories including Possum, Kangaroo, Emu and Lightning.

Painting Detail | 160 x 120cm | $11,100

Michelle Possum Nungurrayi

Michelle is the youngest daughter of Clifford Possum, and her work is reminiscent of her talented father. She does however add a very feminine interpretation to her works which easily seperates it from that of her father.

Painting Detail | 300 x 180cm | $16,500

Minnie Pwerle

Minnie was one of the greatest and most important artists of the Aboriginal art movementand mother to two very talented artists in Babara Weir and Betty Club Mbitjana. Minnie‘s work is regarded worldwide as being amongst the finest Aboriginal art.

Painting Detail | 120 x 90cm | $10,800

Mitjili Napurrula

Mitjili‘s work, though highly stylised is also very traditional in its content. Depicting tree branches used to make spears and the seeds used to make foods and medicines, her work is an important link in the traitional handing down of knowledge through visual storytelling.

Painting Detail | 103 x 87cm | $2,400

Mrs Bennett

Nyurapayia Nampitjinpa (Mrs Bennett) is one of the most important Australian Aboriginal women artists. Her unique style of painting and dynamic interpretation paved the way for many contemporary, younger generation, Aboriginal artists.

Naata Nungurrayi

THIS ARTISTS WORKS NOT INCLUDED IN THE XMAS SALE, PLEASE CONTACT US DIRECTLY IF INTERESTED IN THESE WORKS One of the most highly regarded living female artists, creates stunning pieces using muted colours and complex compositions. Naata‘s work is highly sought after internationally and within Australia.

Painting Detail | 61 x 46cm | $8,500