Aboriginal artworks on display are from emerging and urban artists to the most highly respected established Aboriginal artists

They include artworks ranging from ‘entry level / affordable’ works to high-end ‘investment / collector’ pieces.

The main focus is on Aboriginal art from  Central and Western desert, but there are also works from other Australian Aboriginal art communities;  including The Kimberley, Arnhem Land at the Top End.

Our philosophy is to purchase the high quality artworks we have for sale or corporate rental rather than to rely on ‘consignment’, which usually delays payment to the artist for extended periods until the works are on-sold. 

Artworks are sourced from:

  • Community Aboriginal Art Centres
  • Reputable private art dealers and artists’ representatives
  • Direct commission of artists
  • Auctions and private secondary market purchases (within Australia and Internationally)

Abie Loy Kemarre

Abie Loy is one of the most promising of the "New Generation" of Aboriginal artists. Taught to paint by her grandmother, Kathleen Petyarre, Abie shows great skill in her often complex and geometric work.

Painting Detail | 121 x 120cm | $3,600

Albury David Jungala

Albury David Jungala is from the central desert region, his paintings of Tingari are strong and bold, an artist confident in telling the story of his Dreamings on canvas.

150 x 90 cm

Anatjari Tjampitjinpa

Anatjari is considered a very important man in the history of the Aboriginal Artistic Movement. His works are of very high quality, Anatjari used his skill as a painter and his new knowledge of working with acrylic paint in the early 70‘s to teach others how to use these new materials.

Painting Detail | 137 x 90cm | $11,000

Anna Pitjara

Anna started her career as a "Batik" painter and moved on to acrylic paints in the early 1980‘s. Her work is often hypnotic - she works in blacks and whites as well as bright colours.

Painting Detail | 120x90cm | $2,900

Bambatu Campbell Napangati

Bambatu remained in the bush until the 1960‘s, when she was in her teens. Her work is often filled with contrasting colours. The precise dots and concentric circles are something many artists are unable to create with such precision and intensity.

Painting Detail | 60 x 91cm | $1,980

Barbara Reid Napangardi

Barbara's paintings depict the sacred ceremonial site near Tjukurla. The designs of her Women's Ceremony paintings often have many related symbolic meanings

150 x 41cm $4,400

Barbara Weir

Barbara Weir is the daughter of Minnie Pwerle, and the "apprentice" of Emily Kame Kngwarreye. She is one of the most successful and sought after 2nd generation artists in the Aboriginal art world.

Painting Detail | 120 x 90cm | $6,600

Barney Ellaga

Barney Ellaga is a senior Aboriginal Law-Man of the Alawa Community. The seniority and importance of his stories is evident in the brilliant, saturated colours and dynamic compositions he creates. Barney‘s paintings are Alawa, every stroke articulates intimate knowledge of the his traditional country.

Painting Detail | 118 x 65cm | $1,100

Betsy Lewis Napangardi

Betsy started painting in 1999 and has participated in a large number of exhibitions, including one with Judy Watson Napangardi.

Betty Club Mbitjana

Betty is the daughter of Minnie Pwerle, and sister to Barbara Weir. Having inherited her mother‘s dreamings, Betty‘s paintings involve "Women‘s Ceremonies". Her work is vivid and very feminine.