Red Desert Dreamings Gallery concentrates principally on works by artists from the red desert area of Central Australia, and strives to describe the lives of the artists and tell the stories that they share through their art. There is a wide range of affordable and highly collectible works available.


Marrapinti (RDDGNAA0801)

Naata Nungarrayi

Marrapinti (RDDGNAA0801)
141 x 123cm

Naata began painting for Papunya Tula artists in 1996.

Naata‘s Dreamtime paintings of the Marrapinti rock hole site use a palette of orange, red, white and black to create bold and strong depictions of her Dreamings. They also combine subtle changes to create an organic quality that gives her paintings an energy of their own.

Naata often painted with her sister Nancy Ross until her death in 2010.

In 1999 Naata and  Nancy with six fellow Walungurru women  created a major collaborative painting for the Art Gallery of NSW.

2003 one of Naata's paintings was used on an Australian stamp.

Her work is held in corporate and private collections, both nationally and internationally.