Jagamara exhibition opened at the Hilton

The Michael Nelson Jagamara exhibition is looking fantastic in the foyer of the Hilton  Hotel, many who came on opening night were obviously overwhelmed with the quality of the works on display.  It was great to hear so many positive comments and also follow on with sales of these energetic works.  One person said that he thought the works were painted by a young "street artist" and showed obvious amazement when told that they were produced by a senior indigenous lawman.  The exhibition continues with more works on display in the gallery on level 4.

Big bold and definitely awesome

Aboriginal artist, Michael Nelson Jagamara's, exhibition

at the Hilton Hotel on South Wharf is certainly one not to be missed if you’re a passionate Aboriginal art lover. The slide show opposite gives an online view of each work, but a visit to see these powerful artworks first-hand will leave a lasting impression.
The exciting thing about Jagamara’s most current work on display is the artist’s transition; evolving from a traditional desert painter to a powerful and resolved contemporary artist.
For any Aboriginal art collector these works are not to be missed as they go to the very heart of why the Aboriginal Art Movement has become one of the most important art movements of our time. Australian Aboriginal art is now collected by galleries, museums and art-lovers worldwide and Jagamara’s work is an essential ingredient to any serious collection.
The Dreamtime story that accompanies each work is thousands of years old, each story is rich in the history of the spiritual journey of this land and holds the knowledge of laws and customs. Michael Nelson Jagamara still tells these stories as he always has. The message is the same, but the journey of the artists and the styles of representation in their paintings have changed dramatically. The works in this exhibition show us one of the most significant and major contemporary artists of our time.
Michael Nelson Jagamara is the Brett Whitley of the Aboriginal art world. Energetic and daring, confident in line and form, his works explode with colour, painted by a self-assured artist who represents his Dreamtime stories with respect and pride….the kangaroo, the possum, and the bush turkey; elements of the weather, ceremonial sites, the law of the land and much more.

"I thought to myself - I'll do different way to them mob instead of copying them. Do my own way".